Ep. 3
How to sharpen your social outreach strategy with A. Lee Judge

The Sales Conversation

Episode Overview

In this episode, you’ll hear us talk about how to connect with potential buyers online, how to build trust over time by contributing content and closing new business with the buyers you’ve been building relationships with. I met our guest, A Lee Judge, on LinkedIn, where I sent a connection request knowing he’d be someone I would want to follow. He has a beautiful podcast – the Business of Content Podcast with his co-host Dontaye Carter. I love Lee’s quote, “it’s better to ask a favor from a friend versus a sale from a stranger.”

Episode Timestamps

[1:35] How did you get into the game of business content?

  • Originally came from media production:
    • Started out in music and video production
    • Degree in Multimedia Production & Broadcasting
    • Traveled the world as a performing DJ
      • Required personal branding to get gigs and gain attention
    • Had a job in marketing

[4:20] Can you explain your quote, “It’s better to ask a favor from a friend instead of a sale from a stranger”? How do you make connections with buyers?

  • Once you begin to make a connection with someone, it’s harder for them to not respond to you.
  • Networking connections and establishing relationships through LinkedIn
    • Tchotchkes story
  • There is always a human element, no matter the type of content you create

[12:50] What is the importance of mixing it up when networking on social media?

  • If you share someone else’s content, you also have to give an opinion.
  • Connect with people that are relevant and are of value to you:
    • Value their opinion and input.
  • Mix it up with your own content as well as your own opinions.
  • Contribute and engage in your other connections posts.

[18:55] What is your advisement for people who want to share their media?

  • Take your talents and point them towards media that produces the best type of content that works for you.
    • Try out different things to find your talents:
      • If you think you can, then try it.
  • People focus on the value:
    • Shows through your delivery through the media content that you produce.

[24:11] How do you respond to negative criticism(the haters)?

  • You’re nobody until somebody hates you.
  • There will always be haters.
  • Turn your haters into your motivators.

[26:55] Advice and resources?

  • Company motto? “Be Content.”
    • Pay attention to yourself
    • Capture brilliance
    • Produce and create good content

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