Ep. 5
How to use video outreach to get the meeting with Chris Ortolano

The Sales Conversation

Episode Overview

This episode features Chris Ortolano, a sales workflow consultant based in Portland, Oregon. He provides an outside perspective to help organizations address their weaker elements to accelerate their revenue cycle. He is a leader of his firm, Outbound Edge, and will speak about the power of video in sales outreach and how to drive buyer engagement.

Episode Timestamps

[1:30] How Chris became focused on helping sellers use video to connect with potential buyers

  • Manages an online community of sales and marketing professionals called salesstack.io:
    • Met people who work at Vidyard who introduced him to a software tool called GoVideo.
  • Focuses on producing crisp, compelling, and clear messages to engage with buyers.

[2:26] Why should sellers be using video as an outreach tool?

  • The way that we engage with buyers is changing:
    • We now have the ability to tell a story through a visual medium.
    • Creates a more compelling and lasting message.

[3:25] What are the barriers that get in the way of individual sellers taking advantage of the medium of video?

  • Time:
    • You need to practice.
    • Set aside 30 minutes to learn and practice your script for clear delivery in the message that you are communicating with your viewers.
  • Psychological confidence:
    • 2 kinds of videos in sales:
      • Video conferencing.
        • Selfie.
        • Voiceovers.
    • Chris uses a voiceover narrative approach:
      • His videos are not about him, making the focus on helping his prospect solve their problem.
  • Finding your voice:
    • Takes practice.
    • Think like your buyer:
      • The decisions that they make, how they measure their decisions, and what their goals are.
    • Layer your message into their experience.
    • Provides a more relevant and engaging way to suggest that you want to meet with them and pursue a more in-depth conversation.
    • Take advantage of the visual guide on salesstack.io where you can walk through 7 steps so that you can practice before you record and send your video.

[6:21] Success stories of Chris and using video

  • Uses video selling with social selling:
    • Connects with peers on Linkedin.
    • Makes videos for the CEOs of the connections that he makes on Linkedin.
  • Video can increase the acceleration with which you can set meetings.

[7:23] How can sellers prepare to do video outreach? What should their content structure look like?

  • Uses 3 step approach to an account plan:
    • Set the meeting.
    • Move the needle.
    • Get everyone on the bus.

[12:17] How to leverage video for outreach

  • Manage your time.
  • Do your research.
  • Use phrase when reaching out “I noticed that…”
  • Always add value with your video that exposes something about the market that your prospect might not understand.

[14:35] After you send the prospecting video, if the recipient does not respond, do you send another video?

  • Resend that same video.

[15:26] Technology blockers that might prevent prospects from viewing your video?

  • Use a video solution that allows you to embed that video as a thumbnail into the body of an email.
    • Vidyard GoVideo

[16:50] How to personalize your video for different prospects

  • Called a “Selfie”:
    • Personalized for each prospect.
  • Take a multi-tab screencast approach.
  • If you put time and energy into thinking about your buyer you’ll get a better deal, as well as learn to be a better sales consultant as well.

[17:48] Multitab screencast approach

  • Reference your buyer:
    • Start with their account.
    • Reflect on what you see in their business model.
    • Suggest a problem that they have that you can solve.
    • Switch between their account/your account:
      • Move from the current state to their future state.

[18:30] Resources

  • Sales assets online:
    • Stories in Focus Library
      • Interview video blog
    • 3 guides at SalesStack.io:
      • For people getting started.
  • Learn how to do the selling model.
  • Do it on a consistent basis.
  • Turn around and teach someone how to do it.
    • When you teach something, you are raising your level of skill because you can summarize, engage, and look for things.
    • Changes the way you view your own process.

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