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Big New Bet


McKesson was launching a new “Big Bet” business around managed services, and were in need of a unique market message and story. With a brand new executive and senior leadership team, the timing was right to invite us to the table to help.


We facilitated a process that included outside research and intelligence gathering, insider insight, and internal and external validation to craft a high-impact market message and story. We then delivered sales engagement content and tools to ramp the sales force quickly. We had a high degree of urgency and excitement to accomplish this before the annual HIMSS event, where McKesson wanted to make a significant market impression.


The video below showcases the impact we experienced together.


Helping Alcatel Lucent communicate a big idea with award-winning sales tools

Executive wanted to breath new life into the enterprise market with a new message, simplified portfolio and new sales tools.

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Aligning disparate go to market initiatives for maximum impact

Marketing leader saw an opportunity. Multiple practice areas had similar offerings, leading to internal and market confusion. The time was ripe to align resources and relaunch with a concerted message and story.

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Taking on the industry gorilla with a solid business value proposition

Product leader saw an opportunity to grow market share with a differentiating TCO selling tool.

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