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Articulating a Clear Business Value Proposition


Brocade was being challenged by the 800 pound gorilla in their market space, and had a newer technology to promote. They knew the degree of automation being enabled around their solution was a market game changer and would save their customers a tremendous amount of time and money. A crucial part of their go-to-market and sales enablement strategy was to design a combined Business Value and TCO Tool that would allow sales reps to quantify the value of switching from the competitor’s switches to Brocade’s new switches.


We reviewed an internal analysis, further developed it, and then simplified it for sales reps and customers to use in their selling conversations. We then developed and deployed their custom sales enablement tool, coupled with training, to help sales reps communicate and quantify the differentiated value Brocade could deliver over the #1 competitive alternative. We also worked with Brocade on a leadgen campaign with the Business Value and TCO tool, making a Web-friendly ͞quick calculator version with a call to action to engage with Brocade sales.


Both selling tools were very well received. Sales reps adopted the tool, including the #1 sales rep in the building – Brocade’s CEO who personally used the tool and loved it. Overall, sales reps improved their selling conversations, and marketing increased their relevance by providing sales with ͞qualified leads who had spent significant time reviewing the potential value of Brocade switches while in the leadgen version of the tool.

The video below further highlights the value we experienced together.


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