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Moving from Product to Solution Selling


CSC approached us with a strategic alignment problem. How could they get a few different practice areas spread across the different business units to align with a unified market message and story?


We started with a disciplined internal review. Who was doing what across CSC in the communications and collaboration space? We then reviewed materials while beginning an external market scan to identify significant customer challenges and concerns. We uncovered a great deal of pain and disjointedness across communications and collaboration platforms. Then we set our sights to identifying a go to market theme for their communication and collaboration technologies and capabilities. We landed on “Communications and Collaboration Made Easy” – easy to use, easy to manage and easy to innovate. It was beautiful in addressing user, IT management and innovation concerns. It also played to CSC’s differentiated strengths…bringing it all together in tested and proven solutions that work. We then constructed the solution framework below. The logic was the customer couldn’t consume everything at once, but CSC was prepared to meet them where they were at and start addressing their most pressing needs in the context of a complete solution framework – useful for today’s and tomorrow’s needs.


Below is a visual of the solution framework we developed, allowing sales to have a bigger dialog about the benefits of improving communication and collaboration across the enterprise, and how CSC could bring together the technologies and services to make this happen.


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