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Weak “Me Too” Story


The business unit leader for Alcatel-Lucent’s (ALU) $2 Billion Enterprise Business was in need of a new market message. The market and sellers were confused, and the communications focus was on products and technologies. Sellers were focused on selling 460 products … way too many to comprehend and sell effectively. They were seeking a unifying message and “big idea,” and ways to help align sales, marketing, and product organizations in their go to market efforts.


Our initial initiative was messaging development. We applied our Outside Insight message development process to gain perspective on their competitive sphere and general market perceptions. We then worked with internal experts to help create a unifying picture for the business value proposition. We then expressed this as a “big idea” theme and market and internal message. The logic was simple. ALU offerings for the Enterprise centered in the areas of communication and collaboration – central elements in helping organizations be more dynamic. This helped us coin the concept of becoming a “Dynamic Enterprise” and the fundamental ways ALU could help customers be more dynamic.

We next worked to carry this theme across the portfolio of 460 products. We developed a simple solution framework. To become a Dynamic Enterprise, you would need to enable four key things – the People, Processes, Knowledge, and Network. This helped frame the products and technologies ALU was bringing to market and made it so much easier to sell.

Over a few year period, we supported multiple sales campaigns with the Dynamic Enterprise theme. One campaign won an industry award. Sales reps were having a challenging time getting customers to the Executive Briefing Center. We decided to shift the paradigm and bring the executive briefing center to them. We built a “virtual hotel” where sellers could showcase how ALU technologies could elevate the guest experience in the hotel, and the associated operational and business value that could be realized.


This market message and solution framework held for several years as ALU went through many organizational transformations. The work we did was noted as being excellent by sales and marketing leaders within and outside of ALU. We also won a Corporate Executive Board B2B Campaign of the Year award.


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